Group Discussion (GD) Topics) - 2022

Group Discussion (GD) Topics 2022: Current GD Topics for MBA Students

Here is the list of most trending Group Discussion (GD) topics and tips to prepare for the GD round to get admission among top MBA Colleges in India. Read a brief analysis of most trending GD topics for social issues, business topics, and current affairs which will help you to prepare for MBA Admissions 2022-24 batch.

Trending Group Discussion (GD) Topics

Group discussion is a vital part of the selection process of admission for many Top MBA Colleges. A candidate needs to acquire some skills for the preparation for the GD assessment. It will help them in polishing their team-based leadership skills. Some of them are mentioned below

  • You learn by reading more. Be aware of the trending news affairs, and past GD topics and regularly read varying opinions on different subjects.
  • Practicing to be a good listener.
  • Learning to speak competently with appropriate arguments and facts.

Of all the 3 aspects, working on various discussion topics regularly, will not just increase your familiarity and information, but will improve your skills to fare well in a GD. Since there is no shortcut to excel in a GD round, practicing and active participation are the only ways to learn. Whatever the topic, the aim of a GD conclusion should be to resolve a problem or to bring out the best ideas. Therefore, several types of situations and thoughts are thrown upon the candidates for brainstorming during the GD.

Improve by picking some powerful discussion matters and issues. Follow newspapers and articles to have good content at your disposal immediately. Many people believe that the questions asked in a GD round are from Current Affairs and happenings around the world. But the GD topics can be bifurcated into the following types:

  • Current Affairs
  • Business & Economy
  • Government Policies, Schemes & Laws
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Case Study
  • Social Issues
  • Abstract Topics

Below you’ll find a few important Group Discussion topics based on the past and latest (current) selection trends. Understanding the topics related to current trends is important because most panelists give topics from current affairs. These topics will help you comprehend the way a topic assigned to you, can be processed well for a Group discussion.

taxila business school

Trending GD Topics Based on Category

#1. Current Affairs

#2. General

#3. Business & Economy

#4. Government Schemes, Laws & Politics

#5. Technology

#6. Social Issues

#7. Sports

#8. Abstract – Group Discussion Topics

  • What If Alian Land on Earth?
  • What if Red is white?
  • If no one wins the war
  • What if one rupee becomes equal to one dollar?
taxila business school

Note: This list will be Updated Regularly

This is the list of all Group Discussion topics written on our site. The above GD topics are all from 2021. Here you can find Group Discussion topics from all categories like Social issues GD Topics, Technology related GD topics, Political GD topics, and other GD topics from current affairs.

The above GD topics are arranged from the Latest post to the oldest. This list is updated on a regular basis as new posts are published. So please subscribe to our page and get full info on the latest Group Discussion Topics.

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Importance of Trending Group Discussion topics

GD round is a quite important part of the selection process whether it’s related to MBA Admission or Job selection. Candidates are required to have knowledge of trending GD Topics because most of the time the panel give GD topic related to trending news. If a candidate has an idea about the topic which was asked by the panelists then they have the upper hand over other candidates. In the GD round, they can present their view with confidence and candidates have an ample amount of information to say in the Gd round. Which further helps them in the overall selection process. So all the candidates must have knowledge of Trending Group Discussion Topics

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FAQs – Group Discussion Topics

Q. Which topic is important for group discussion?

Ans. Topics related to current affairs have a higher chance to be asked in the GD round. Here are some current group discussion topics – Agneepath Scheme, Russia vs Ukraine war, work from home vs work form gd, and population control bill.

Q. What are the trending gd topics of 2022

Ans. Trending GD topics of 2022 are: – Ban on single-use plastic, attack of Russia on Ukraine, life without the phone, metaverse, and will e-commerce dominate the physical store.

Q. How do I need to Start a GD topic?

Ans. If you are aware of the topics then start giving a brief introduction about it. Once you complete an intro then present your view in front of other group members. Try to elaborate on all the things in 1.5 to 2.5 minutes.

Q. What are some political group discussion topics?

Ans. You can look for the recent political news, scheme, and policies of the government. Some of them are – Population Control Bill, Atamnirabhar Bharat, Farmers Bill, and CAA, NRC.

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