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20+ Group Discussion (GD) Topics 2021: Current Topics for MBA Students

Here is the list of 20+ most trending Group Discussion (GD) topics and tips to prepare for the GD round to get admission among top MBA Colleges in India. Read a brief analysis of most trending GD topics for social issues, business topics, current affairs which will help you to prepare for MBA Admissions 2021

20 + Trending Group Discussion (GD) Topics

Here are some trending GD topics for MBA students. These GD topics will help students succeed in Group discussion round.

  1. What is Farmers Bill 2020
  2. Selling during Covid 19
  3. High Fuel Prices in India: What are the causes & Impact on Indian Economy
  4. IT Industry in India – Will it Create more Jobs in Future?
  5. Is Social Distancing The New World Order?
  6. Is ‘Startup India’ Boosting Entrepreneurship?
  7. Should Indian Economy be Privatized? Pros & Cons
  8. Lockdown in India: After 4 Phases of lockdown, ‘Unlock Begins’: Impact on Economy
  9. Mission to Mars: Can India Afford Spending a Fortune on Such Projects?
  10. Lockdown: How It Is Helpful In Prevention of Corona Virus, Impacts, Pros and Cons
  11. What is ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ announced by PM Narendra Modi
  12. Make in India: The Idea Will Make India a Manufacturing Hub
  13. Digital Payments in India
  14. Unemployment in India
  15. India- China Relations
  16. Online Education – Benefits, and Challenges.
  17. What is Farm Bills 2020: Pros, Cons, and Challenges
  18. Lesson for the world from covid 19
  19. The Solo Flier: Gautam Adani
  20. Ban on Chinese Apps in India
  21. How 2020 will shape 2021?
  22. The Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy of India
  23. Article 370 and Division of Jammu and Kashmir
  24. Private Universities in India – Pros and Cons

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