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Books Vs Movies

“Books are better or movies?” The answer to this question could wage a World war between bookworms and movie lovers. Some might think that books are superior and some may not. There are people out there who would choose movies over books any time, without a doubt, and some who think that watching movies is just a waste of their precious time. And let me in you guys for a secret, there are people for whom both matter equally but they praise books in front of book nerds and make movie lovers feel superior by admiring movies them. Books vs movies is an argument that has the subjective opinion of the people.

Books and movies both provide us with entertainment and knowledge though both have their pros and cons. Let’s dive deep into the topic and understand both parts in detail

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Pros of Books

  • Books are more for knowledge gaining than reading since one’s bored as not everyone opens books “just for fun.”
  • They are highly knowledgeable, improve vocabulary, have more content in them than movies and even the smell of a new book for a bookworm is pure bliss.
  •  We could all agree that books are a direct source for gaining information we need and which are rarely untrue.
  • Even those online sites acquire their content from books and upload it on their web pages.

There are many films that are just a visual presentation of a book. Where a book would be of 500 or something pages, they’ll show you its story as a movie in just 2-3 hours where half the story would be missing. We are able to recreate all we are reading in our imagination, on basis of the description provided, and furthermore, when we see it as a movie, we couldn’t help but get saddened by the visualization. Many people have admitted that they get transferred to the illusionary world of the novel when they read. “It feels like I’m seeing all that I am reading as a third person. I imagine as I read; line by line my fictional world gets created in my head.”

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Cons of books

  • Some books are not that easy to understand as there could be language differences or might be the use of typical words and we can’t always have a dictionary with us.
  • Books have been there for centuries but this tradition of movies has come only a few decades before, yet it has made a difference in our life.
  • Books though providing the whole story could be long; sometimes reading could get boring for which bookworms use the statement, “In a reading slump” meaning that they don’t want to read books because they just don’t for no reason at all but a film, though not having full content, could be finished much more quickly than a book.

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Pros of movies

  • A movie would be a good choice if one has only a few hours to spare and needs something interesting while cozying up.
  •  Many movies have been made up of which are full of knowledge and moral; there are even many real case-based movies filmed that provides us the full story without the need to switch from article to article on websites or newspapers.
  • We could even do a few chores while the movie is being played in the background without missing much of it but a book needs your whole attention.
  • I may say it’s a great free time activity which also doesn’t require much mind function in most the cases

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Cons of Movies

  • Movies are more of time pass than gaining knowledge (except for some movies; there are always exceptions).
  • Movies influence us in a very wrong way also. Most of the youth is getting inspired by the violence because we glorify that in the movies.
  • People watch movies for hours and that is a complete waste of time. Because in the name of entertainment we are escaping from the reality.
  • Watching movies increase our screen time which can harm our eyes. So one definitely needs to lessen their obsession with movies if they want to keep their parents in a good mood.

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Conclusion: Books vs Movies

Well, reading is not a problem but continuous reading is. Sometimes when we start a book, especially a novel (which consists of a single story in the whole book), we forget about everything else; we make it our goal to complete the book somehow and in doing so we leave our other chores. Even when we leave to do other things, the story always weaves its way through our minds and we keep left thinking about what would happen next. This is what is bad about having a reading obsession. Some parents don’t even allow their kids to buy or read books (mostly novels).

We came to end and we still didn’t get the answer that books are better than movies or vice versa. And probably we wouldn’t for some more centuries as this battle between books vs movies would go on and on. But on whatever side you are, hope you don’t get an obsession with any. They are just for our entertainment purposes and to fill up our minds with knowledge and facts. Don’t let them eat up your whole time!.

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