Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

All of us influence by the people around us in some way directly or indirectly. We did not notice but the group of people around us have a great impact on our decision-making. For example, sometimes people are afraid to do a thing just because the people around make fun of them. Social groups in which we are interacting have their influence over us it can be buying a new mobile to watching a show. But sometimes this influence makes us perform something which we usually don’t do. Like any other thing, it has also two sides positive and negative. Let’s Read about peer pressure in depth.

What is Peer Pressure?

A Peer group is a group of people, who share similar interests, age, background, or social status. Peer pressure is a situation where members of the group perform certain tasks which they usually don’t do. Members of a Peers are likely to influence other person’s behavior and beliefs. It motivates people to do the things which they are afraid to perform and it can be productive or it can be illegal. Individuals are likely to change their habits, beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors to fit in a communal group or for becoming a part of the group having their desired people. 

  1. 40% of the teens are under pressure to post photos on social media in which they are looking good.
  2. In India, 80% of the high school rankers feel the Peer Pressure from their parents and society for choosing a particular career.
  3. 78% of people start drinking alcohol under pressure from friends and out of them, 28% admitted that they have started drinking just to look cool.
  4. 70% of teens started smoking cigarettes and hukka in influence because they find this trendy and cool.
  5. Almost 1/3rd of marriages in India are done under the peer pressure of society whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage.
  6. 35% of women in India are pressured to dress in a certain way.

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Pros of Peer Pressure

peer pressure for swim
  1. Peers help us to gain new experiences and information. We learn many things from the experience of people around us for making ourselves better. It can be copying someone’s confidence, dressing style, or fitness.
  2. According to psychology, people perform better when they have someone to support them. And in a tough situation, we need someone for conversation.
  3. Sometimes members of a group motivate us to perform a task that we think we are not able to do. Many people learn to dance, swim, gyming, and study from the motivation of others. Here Motivation can be positive or negative.
  4. All decisions we made have some direct or indirect influence on people. So when we are in a group of productive people they will always give us advice that helps us.
  5. Friends create a good example when they frown upon bad behaviors and habits and share their positive values

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Cons of Peer Pressure

peer pressure to drink
  1. Friends may encourage engaging in risky things such as doing drugs, reckless driving, alcoholic habit, unsafe sexual activities, etc.
  2. One could get distracted by academics because of peer pressure of bunking the class or skipping the study.
  3. A person makes reckless decisions without thinking just only because others also doing this. The most relevant example of this is buying stuff that has no use case to them.
  4. People started living fake life to impress others and it lead them to harmful results.
  5. Sometimes a person may want things due to peer pressure but isn’t able to get them because of some issues which could then make them distressed and depressed.

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There are many ways by which one can experience Peer Pressure. People from all age groups can witness that but teenagers are most influenced by peers. An individual might experience different types of peer pressure; sometimes it could be very direct and clear or at times it could be unspoken. As I have said earlier it could lead you to do something extraordinary or maybe you start doing wrong activities.

Positive Peers:

Positive Peers are when someone’s peers encourage them to do something good or push them to grow in a healthy way. Some of the Positive Peers are:-

  • Pushing a friend to study harder so that he/she could acquire good grades.
  • Discouraging illegal or harmful behavior like smoking, drinking, bunking classes, etc.
  • Always motivate people to push their limits so they can achieve success.
  • Not making a person change themselves, their styles.
  • Never shaming their good values.

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Negative Peers

Negative Peers involve pressure to harm or damage oneself or discouraging good values just for getting accepted by their friends or being regarded as cool. Following are some negative peers:-

  • Involving others in things that are not productive and useless.
  • Always tend to do illegal activities.
  • Agreeing with a friend on their bad habits instead of dispiriting them.
  • Picking on or bullying people.
  • Making a person change their lifestyle.

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Impact of the peer pressure totally depends on the type of people you are spending time with. So it all depends on our choices if we wish to hang out with people who have bad habits then it will start impacting our lifestyle negatively. There are many examples available of peer pressure where a person achieves success because of it. Like students start reading more or a player start practicing the things more and more in order to become better than others. Peer pressure is not a bad thing until and unless you are not doing anything bad or illegal. So choose your peer wisely.

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