OTT vs Theatre

OTT vs Theatre

Nowadays, OTT platforms are attracting most internet users. In recent years, the OTT has raised the bar for the entertainment industry and performed extremely well. In the last couple of years, the OTT platform significantly attracted an audience. OTT offers the Flexibility to watch and the quality of the content is the key reason why these online platforms impress people. The rapid popularity of online platforms sparks the discussion of OTT vs Theatre. OTT platforms in today’s date are the major source of entertainment for people but cinema or Theatre are giants in this industry.

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People need the things at their fingertips and OTT offers the same. But that is not the only reason why people start loving the OTT platform. The kind of art and craft cinema presented in recent times is not welcomed by the audience. People do not want the same romantic drama or over-VFX fighting scenes they want something real. OTT is able to pull off that requirement quite easily. Let us understand the fight of OTT vs Theatre topics in detail.


What Is OTT?

OTT stands for “Over the Top” which refers to delivering content using online services. Content creators use the popular streaming channels of the web to serve their work. There are many popular OTT platforms available some of them are, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube. OTT is not new we have been using them for more than a decade now but the rise of the smartphone industry helps this industry witness a great amount of user attraction. Not only in video streaming some audio streaming platforms like Saavan, and Spotify have also performed better in the last couple of years.

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Facts of OTT and Theater

  1. In 2024, 707 Million active users are on OTT Platforms.
  2. As per Statista, the revenue of the Indian OTT video market is likely to touch 4.09 Billion US Dollars.
  3. Online gaming saw a growth of 22% from the last year.
  4. It is expected that in 2027, the Indian Digital Media Market will touch 13.31 Billion US Dollars market with a growth rate of 9.74%.
  5. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the biggest OTT platforms in India with 20% of users each. Followed by Disney+Hotstar with 17%, Zee5 with 9%, Jio Cinema with 7%, Sonyliv with 4% and 23% other various platforms.
  6. In 2024 more than 101 million subscribers are paying subscribers.
  7. Indian theatre market will touch 4.86 Billion US Dollars in 2024 and with an annual growth rate of 5%, it is expected to touch 6.20 Billion US dollars in 2029.
  8. The Indian film industry is the biggest entertainment industry in the world.
  9. India has 9382 cinema screens and all the movie industries in India release 1500+ movies every year

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Why OTT is Good?

  1. Ott platforms are cheaper than the theatre. The average cost of a monthly subscription to the OTT platform is around 149 to 199 in India. Where the cost of a single ticket in multiplex starts from 249/- in small cities. So people found out more cost-effective and beneficial.
  2. Content is the king and that is the universal truth. In the past few years, OTT has pulled off content that is relatable, extreme, and entertaining. On the other hand, Bollywood is still making the same kind of old movies or bad copies of original content.
  3. OTT gives the flexibility to watch the content at any time from anywhere. Working professionals who do not have time for watching movies or shows. They favour it because they can watch the content at any time.
  4. OTT is promoting promising actors and most numbers of users want to see deserving actors.
  5. It has the advantage of the time duration. The average duration of a web series is 7-9 hours on the other side the average duration of a movie is 2-3 hours. So OTT can deliver the content in a more detailed way in comparison to theatre movies.
  6. Attention spans time, after the introduction of social media people, need something interesting every minute and if they fail to find it they feel bored. OTT gives a thrill to the audience and they feel interested throughout the show.
  7. These platforms provide the convenience of watching if someone feeling bored in a particular scene they can skip it. In the theatre that is not possible and most of the time people are irritated by this.

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Why Theatre is a Better Option than the OTT?

  1. In recent times few movies like Jawaan and Animal have shown why the theatre is better than the OTT platforms. because there are certain films which you can enjoy in theatres only.
  2. Theatre gives you a different and immersive experience which can not be possible on the OTT. A big screen, amazing sound quality, and an atmosphere that only you can feel in the theatre.
  3. Theatre has a regulating authority censor board that is there to check whether the content of the movie is watchable or not. If not then they cut the offensive scenes. on the other side, OTT content creators use abusive language, and nudity, and glorify the crime that can hurt the sentiments of others. Like last year the web series Tandav faces criticism for its content related to lord shiva.
  4. 3d and 5d movies are the future of entertainment and enjoying them at home is not that much interesting. And that will always be the plus point for cinemas in the Theatre vs OTT fight.
  5. Theatre is giving employment opportunities to many people who are skilled or unskilled. So going to the theatre indirectly helps them in earning the money for their living.
  6. It allows you to experience the movies with strange people and gives you a sense of joy.

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Conclusion: OTT or Theatre

Both are a platform where artist delivers their content and perform to entertain the audience. Yes in recent times OTT dominated the entertainment industry but it happened with all industries during the time of Covid when digital platforms took over traditional platforms. Yes, that is also the fact that cinema failed to deliver quality content and OTT kept on doing this. But now when some movies deliver that content we have seen that they receive love from the audience. Also, the Theatre industry is quite big and the OTT platform needs to do a lot of work to reach there. Online streaming platforms are required to deliver amazing content if they want to win OTT vs Theatre competition.

In the discussion of OTT against the theatre or vice versa, the best content-serving platform will win the race. Right now OTT is delivering that quite beautifully but some content creators are promoting violence and nudity which will not be acceptable to a large audience. If movies can cater to the audience’s preferences well then people will choose them also. So what to choose between them is a subjective choice because everyone has different tastes.

FAQs – OTT vs Theater Group Discussion

What is the difference between OTT and Theater?

OTT platform serves the content online via various streaming channels and on the other hand theatre using the offline method. Also, the OTT platform charges the amount based on monthly and yearly subscriptions in different plans where the Theater charges an amount per ticket to the audience.

Can OTT plateform replaces theaters?

The theater industry is quite big in numbers and for OTT it’s not easy to replace the theatres. Yes, OTT will make its own place in the market but it will never be able to replace the theaters.

Is OTT the future of cinema?

Yes, OTT will present the content of cinema in future. Although it will not replace the theatres at a certain level it will impact the market of theatres. By the end of 2024, the Indian digital media market will reach a 1 trillion market cap.

What are the disadvantages of OTT platforms?

One of the major problems with the ott platform is controversy and many times they have presented things which hurt the sentiments of others in the name of creativity. Like Tandav web series faces huge criticism for making fun of Indian lord Shiva.

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