IIM Seats and Fees

Total Number of Seats in IIMs 2024

Total Numbser of seats in IIMs
3.28 Lakh Candidates Register for CAT 2023; Higher Than the CAT 2022

In 2024, In total there are 21 IIMs in India. IIM Mumbai (Previously - National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Mumbai) is the newest addition to the IIM list that has been added to the list in 2023. These are categorized into three levels namely the first generation, the second generation, and the third generation, according to the year of establishment. Also, they are also referred to as old, new, and baby IIMs. With the addition of a new IIM, the total number of seats in IIMs has increased. The total seats in IIMs are little more than 7500 as of 2024.

The breakdown of the total number of seats in the IIM is as below.
S. No. IIM Name Total Seats Course

First Generation IIMs

1 Calcutta 462 MBA, PGD BA, and PGPEX VLM
2 Ahmadabad 398 MBA, PGP FABM, and PGP ABM
3 Bangalore 565 MBA, PG PPM and BA
4 Lucknow 436 PGP, PGP ABM, and SM
5 Kozhikode 525 MBA
6 Indore 450 +150 PGP, and IPM

Second Generation IIMs

7 Shillong 180 PGPM
8 Rohtak 210 + 150 PGPM, and IPM
9 Ranchi 240 + 60 PGPM, and PGPHRM
10 Raipur 335 PGP
11 Tiruchirapalli 410 PGPM, PGP HR, and PGPBM
12 Kashipur 340 MBA, and MBA BA
13 Udaipur 370 PGPM

Third Generation IIMs

14 Nagpur 240 PGP
15 Amritsar 280 MBA, MBA BA, and HR
16 Bodh Gaya 180 PGPM
17 Sirmaur 180 MBA, MBA T and HM
18 Vishakapatnam 340 PGPM
19 Sambalpur 320 PGPM
20 Jammu 240 MBA
21 Mumbai 660 MBA

IIM Fees

Fees of IIMs

There has been a significant increase in IIM fees in the last couple of years. Now the Baby IIMs like IIM Nagpur, Visakhapatnam among others charge MBA fee between 13 to 19 lakhs, second generation IIMs like IIM Udaipur, Rohtak, Tiruchirappalli among others have a fee structure between 17 Lakh to 25 Lakh and top IIMs like IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta have a fee structure of 25+ lakhs. Here is a table below showing data of all IIMs with their approx. fees. These fees excluding the international immersion program, boarding charges and other misc. expenses.

IIM Fees for 2024
IIM campus IIM Fees
IIM Ahmedabad Rs 33.00 lakh
IIM Bangalore Rs 24.70 lakh
IIM Calcutta Rs 31.00 lakh
IIM Kozhikode Rs 22.50 lakh
IIM Lucknow Rs 19.25 lakh
IIM Udaipur Rs 21.43 lakh
IIM Raipur Rs 18.00 lakh
IIM Visakhapatnam Rs 17.82 lakh
IIM Rohtak Rs 17.290 lakh
IIM Sambalpur Rs 13.15 lakh
IIM Trichy Rs 19.50 lakh
IIM Ranchi Rs 17.50 lakh
IIM Sirmaur Rs 17.50 lakh
IIM Bodhgaya Rs 16.28 lakh
IIM Jammu Rs 18.85 lakh
IIM Amritsar Rs 14.78 lakh
IIM Kashipur Rs 17.30 lakh
IIM Shillong Rs 22.71 lakh
IIM Indore Rs 21.16 lakh
IIM Nagpur Rs 18.90 lakh
IIM Mumbai Rs 21.10 lakh