Metaverse - A Fictional Universe

Metaverse – A Fictional Universe

The term ‘Metaverse’ is the latest buzzword in the tech industry which captures all the attractions from all the industries. Tech giants like (previously known as “Facebook”) working on this technology passionately. Neal Stephenson’s classic fictional novel “Snow Crash” is widely credited for the coinage of the word ‘metaverse’ which was released in the year 1992. This word is a conjunction of Meta which means beyond and the universe. But What is Metaverse? Is it a Fictional Universerse – a world with no limitation or Is it a fancy word for the cartoonish world? Let’s Understand Everything in detail.

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What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the combination of various virtual worlds which creates replicated universes of the real world. The metaverse is a virtual copy or we can the virtual version of the real world. In this we could not only just see stuff; we could also go inside it! and feel the extended reality (XR) at a new level. A metaverse is a place where people can interact using their avatars each user has a different avatar associated with them. Like we are using Snapchat at a most basic level and Instagram has also introduced a feature called an avatar. Users can do stuff like partying, watching sports, movies attending seminars, and meetings, playing games and enjoying music concerts.

It is developed on a decentralized technology called blockchain which makes it more secure. Metaverse is nothing but a platform where users spend their virtual life. This tech brings a richly immersive, hyper-realistic experience to the users.

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Pros of Metaverse

  1. Metaverse can be a game-changer in the medical industry. It will open a new dimension for the doctor and the patient. With AR (Artificial Intelligence) doctors provide treatment remotely.
  2. It can be a great alternative for remote meetings at google meet or zoom. Metaverse is one step ahead of the current video calling feature. In this, you can communicate with the people using avatars which feels more realistic and pleasant.
  3. Since it is built on a decentralized database, all the information will be secure and no single authority will have the power to manipulate the data.
  4. Metaverse opens a whole new world for the gaming community and in upcoming years we will witness the games which are closer to reality.
  5. For marketing purposes, the metaverse has a great scope. people can place their digital ads in the virtual universes of games, movies, and concerts. As we see Tesla partnered with Pubg and placed their artificial car showroom in the game.
  6. Users can virtually try the products and find out the one which is more suitable for them.
  7. The real estate industry will have great advantages from this because the builder can show their vision and building to investors virtually.

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Cons of Metaverse

  1. The metaverse does not a regulating authority and what if someone commits a crime in the virtual world. It is a serious concern because we have seen a lot of internet bullying cases. Recently a woman claimed that her avatar was raped in the metaverse. Read Full Article
  2. All of us have ID or Avatar in metaverse but what if someone claimed Avtar of another person. In that scenario, they can commit crimes in the name of others. It is quite similar to what we have seen with social media fake accounts.
  3. Smart devices have already impacted our health in bad ways. And Metaverse will take the use of devices to a new level which will be harmful to us.
  4. People will start living in a world that is not in existence. People they meet, and things they see in the metaverse are fake and artificial.
  5. Although the Metaverse will be based on a decentralized database and secure. But Meta company have faced some serious allegation of breaching the user data in the past. And right now Meta is one of these companies which are working on this tech at a very big level.
  6. Equipment by which one can get access to Metaverse is quite high. It makes the metaverse out from the reach of almost 80% of the world’s population.

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How to Join the Metaverse?

Now everyone must be wondering about how they can access the metaverse. So there are many ways for entering the virtual universe. At a very basic level users can use their smartphones and play the hyper-realistic video game. If a user wishes to witness the extreme experiences of meta then they need to have some expensive stuff of VR, AR, and XR. Currently, we do not a single point where we can witness the metaverse fully this tech is new and need some time for development.

It may be possible that META Company will launch their social media platform – Instagram and Facebook in metaverses. And the process started on Instagram and recently added a feature of avatar for the users. Soon we will see our avatar interacting with other users on social media platforms.

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Conclusion: Future of this Fictional Universe

It is too early to predict the future of the metaverse industry but if it is implemented in the right way it has the capabilities to change all industries. But the ease of access made the metaverse future a little uncertain. Users need to have expensive equipment for the best experience and it is not possible for many people. So companies are required to work on the cost-effectiveness of VR and AR products. Like every technology, this also has the fear of privacy and it will enter our lives deeper than previous technology. So it will impact our lives at a very private level.

According to some reports available on the internet, almost 70% of the population start using the metaverse by 2030. On the other hand, some experts think that it will remain out of reach of most people for a long time because of cost. But all we know is that the universe of technology changed rapidly and things become normal in a few months only. So this tech has wide use cases and can bring revolution in some industries.

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