Technology Addiction

Technology Addiction

Technology Addiction is a broad expression used to define the obsession of the person with digital products. It is a state of tech disorder that involves the excessive use of the mobile phone or any tech product. It is also known as internet addiction or internet use disorder. Technology Addiction can be playing games for hours, using social media, binge-watching, or obsession any tech-related task.

Technology Addiction often goes unnoticed by most people. Because it probably appears to them that the addicted ones are tending to something work-related or are busy researching new topics and trends. Moreover, most of us can’t spend a day without checking our cell phones or avoiding touching our laptops and digital devices. In China, a survey was conducted in which all the students have to stop using their phones for one hour. Almost all the students failed in this and some of them feel depressed until they received their phones. Let’s know about this addiction in detail.

Technology Addiction

What are the Signs of Technology Addiction?

  1. Spending an excessive amount of time on digital devices.
  2. Get irritated if take their smartphones away for even a slight amount of time.
  3. Losing interest in extracurricular activities that once used to enjoy at the expense of technology.
  4. Lying or hiding the usage of digital devices from friends or family is probably feeling ashamed.
  5. Experiencing unwanted symptoms of mental health like anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, or stress.
  6. Not sharing their devices or having a temper if anyone takes or even touches their digital devices.
  7. Experiencing cravings and urges to use technological devices very often.
  8. Neglecting essential life areas such as family, social circle, and relationships at the expense of technology.

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Cons of Technology Addiction

While undoubtedly technology is turned out to be the greatest innovation but its overuse can pretense certain risks, especially to teens. Contrary to popular beliefs, Technology Addiction can be tremendously unsafe and dangerous and contributes to a variety of communal, psychological, and neurological troubles. Following are some of them –

  1. A major concern of technology addiction is that it reduced our attention span time. A technology-addictive person needs something exciting every time. If they failed to find something interesting they feel unsatisfied and depressed.
  2. Technology addiction also causes sleep disorders in many users. People often use their mobile phones late at night and sometimes they even don’t sleep. It also harms our eyes and many of us face the weak eyesight problem because of this.
  3. Weight gain with other poor dietary complications and an inactive lifestyle may be the result of the discussed obsession.
  4. The extreme use of technology can disrupt normal patterns of moods and socialization among teens.
  5. Dependence on social platforms, gaming, and media to function is becoming the latest and unhealthful ‘normal.’
  6. Some research shows that teens having networking addictions are at higher risks of suicide and going into depression.

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Advantages of Using the Technology

The digital world can be an addiction but it also comes with various benefits. It is faster and smarter and many mobile technologies can be used in a positive way. Technology, used in a healthy way, can encourage teens and even adults and kids to express themselves and explore their world. Here is the list of the items that reflect the good impacts of technology:

  1. Technology creates a platform for folks to showcase their talent one way or another.
  2. When monitored properly by a guardian or parents, the use of social media can create safe and healthy friendships for teens on the internet.
  3. Latest technological devices like tablets and smartphones are often much less bulky than notebooks and books and have a wider range of information contained within them.
  4. Social media is an impressive way through which one could connect with old fellows, friends, and family members. Click to Know more about the Impact of Social Media on Youth
  5. Internet is a good place to escape reality; Individuals usually turn on their devices to scroll through their Instagram or Facebook accounts when does not feel like talking to anyone or are in a bad mood. Introverts are really good friends with these apps as they feel comfort hiding behind those accounts and don’t feel obligated to talk to others which certainly isn’t their nature.
  6. Online classrooms are the latest feature through which students or anyone could take classes without visiting the campus. Covid 19 showed us the importance and advantages of online classes; a person could pursue any course while sitting in their homes as had happened during those past crucial pandemic years.  

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Why Technology is Addictive?

“Ease of Access” and the “Instant Pleasure” are the two-man points behind the additiveness of the technology. Things that provide quick results or satisfaction have a high chance of becoming addictive than others. Many people have an addiction to drugs because they provide them a sense of pleasure soon after someone takes them. The famous Chinese app TikTok become so popular because of its ease of access nature. Another example of this is the BGMI game which is the reason behind the addiction of millions of teens all around the world because they win or lose the game in 30 minutes which gives them a sense of joy.


Technology, as mentioned above, can definitely fulfill many human needs and has various advantages and impacts but also as well-known by all and sundry, addictions are never good. Technology addiction also comes with many risks which we have already discussed.

Parents or guardians play an important role in preventing these obsessions. They need to be good role models for their kids with their smartphone usage. All family members should have a “no phone” day once a week. Parents need to set an example by using their smartphones for productivity. Everything we use has two sides like a knife can be very useful for our daily tasks and it can also use as a weapon. The same goes with the use of technology we need to use tech products for productivity instead of short-term satisfaction.

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How does Technology Affect Us?

If someone uses the technology access then it will impact their mental ability and they have to face problems like lack of concentration, short temper, and irritation from reality.

Why technology is addictive?

There are plenty of reasons behind technology addiction. But the most important one is the ease of access offered by digital products. People are more addicted to the things which have more easily available to them or make their job easy.

How can we ignore technology addiction?

Actually, It’s quite simple you just need to perform only the required tasks with the help of digital products.

Why teens are so addicted to technology?

Technology provides them instant satisfaction or short-term pleasure. Teens play games or use social media for hours which releases a sense of satisfaction and excitement inside them. Since their mind is not mature enough to understand that short-term pleasure can be harmful to them.

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