MAT Exam Preparation Strategy

About MAT

MAT stands for Management Aptitude Test. In 2003, the Government of India, Ministry of HRD accepted MAT as a national level test for screening the candidates in taking admission for MBA in various Business Schools(B schools) whether national or international. This article is all about the MAT exam preparation strategy for the aspirants.

The MAT scores are considered by more than 600 B-Schools for selecting the students, then the further rounds of admission took place. MAT exam happens four times a year.

MAT exam is quite tough but with proper planning and preparation, the candidates can crack the exam easily. It is basically a speed-based test.  Comparative to other MBA entrance exams, the MAT exam is considered quite easy.

Following is the Exam Pattern for MAT

  • The exam is for 200 marks.
  • There are 5 sections in the exam-
    1. Language Comprehension
    2. Mathematical Skills
    3. Data Analysis and sufficiency
    4. Intelligence and critical reasoning
    5. Indian and global environment
  • Each section is compromised of 40 questions.
  • The medium of the exam would be in English
  • All the questions are in the form of MCQ’s
  • The time limit for the exam is 150 minutes
  • Negative marking would be there.
  • There are three modes for the exam to choose from-
    A) Computer-Based test
    B) Paper-Based test
    C) Internet-Based test

The latest MAT exam will soon be conducted in December 2021. Candidates can check the official MAT website for the notifications, registration and can apply accordingly.

The MAT exam preparation strategy would include section-wise preparation, proper study plan, taking help of coaching institute, etc.

Following are the sections of the MAT exam and some easy and short tips to prepare for each section-

  1. Language Comprehension- This section will test students’ verbal reasoning and comprehension skills. It includes questions on Para-jumbles, error detection, reading passages, etc.
    Candidates have to focus on their grammar, reading, and verbal skills properly. Make your vocabulary strong by reading or writing.
  2. Mathematical Skills- This section will focus on and test students’ numerical and mathematical skills. It will include questions on topics like- algebra, geometry, etc.
    Students have to clear their concepts beforehand. Practice more and more questions before and within a particular time limit. It will test your speed and calculations.
  3. Data Analysis and sufficiency- This section will test students’ investigation and analytical skills. It will include questions based on graphs, tables, or charts.
    It is a tricky section. Students have to understand the diagrams and the pattern carefully and answer accordingly.
  4. Intelligence and critical reasoning- This section test the intelligence level and logical reasoning of the candidates. It includes questions on topics like- Blood relations, Coding-decoding, Critical reasoning, etc.
    Students should carefully read and understand what is being asked. Be accurate and precise for the answers, don’t just guess.
  5. Indian and global environment- This section test students’ knowledge of current affairs and events happening over the world. It asks questions on any topics including politics, history, current trends, etc.
    There is no method, calculations, or formulas for this section. Students have to read newspapers, magazines, blogs daily to improve their knowledge of the world.

Now to prepare yourself well for the MAT exam, the candidates must prepare a solid study plan and follow that accordingly. A well-defined and properly organized study plan defining the student’s goals, routine tasks, topics to study should be considered.

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A proper MAT exam study plan and preparation strategy should include-

  1. Keep track of all the section-wise and topic-wise content and go through them systematically one-by-one.
  2. Keep a timer or stopwatch for each question; it will improve your speed.
  3. Try to solve any one section or a few topics in a day.
  4. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. So that you don’t feel sleepy or tired at the time of practicing.
  5. Avoid unhealthy foods and eat healthily. Keep yourself safe from the flu or viruses that are currently going on.
  6. Take small breaks in between to regain your energy and become refreshed.
  7. Meditate for some minutes in the morning.
  8. Read newspapers daily in the morning and also other things like magazines, blogs, journals, etc.

You can change or mold the study plan according to your needs too.

Go forward and adapt to this plan so that you can have some time for yourself and your study too.

Also below are some steps to prepare yourself for the MAT exam in a month-

We all know that one month is very little time for studying and preparing oneself for the exam. But by following the proper study plan mentioned above and some tips mentioned below, candidates can score well in the exams.

  • First, start by writing down your goals for the exam and for the future. Get a clear idea in your mind about why and what you are doing.
  • Take help or guidance from your teachers or whom you consider close. It will boost you and motivate you for your studies.
  • Don’t take too much pressure or stress in your mind. Keep calm and meditate for some time too.
  • Solve mock test papers and previous year’s papers every day. You will get to know in which topic or section you’re weak and strong. Which area to focus upon without wasting any more time. You can improve and practice more from that. Also, you will get a clear idea about the exam pattern and format too.
  • Time management is an important part of success, so manage your time with a proper study plan. Allot a specific time for each section. Read carefully and then answer. If you find any topic or question difficult in the exam or in studies, don’t waste much time on that and move to other questions. It will improve your speed too.
  • Read as much as you can.
  • One can also join prominent MBA entrance exam coaching institutes in their city as a crash one-month course and can manage self-study and proper guidance from teachers also. Group study also helps a lot to cope up with the last time stress of exams.
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Even if you want to prepare MAT Exam yourself without joining any coaching institutes, you have to keep the following preparation strategy in your mind-

  1. Follow the study plan
  2. Have a fast internet connection to practice online
  3. Download online series section-wise or topic-wise
  4. Read online or offline books
  5. If one can arrange notes of the institutes and study on their own, can also be considered.
  6. Practice more and more at home.
  7. And at last keep 4R’s in mind- Re-vise, Re-value, Re-read, and Re-asses.

Books also help a lot. So also suggesting the candidates the various important section-wise books to be read online or hardcopy for MAT Preparation.

SectionBest books for MAT Preparation
Verbal Ability– Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Nishit K. Sinha
– Verbal Ability & Comprehension for MBA exams by Disha Publications
Data Analysis and Sufficiency– Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency by Arihant Experts.
– Data Analysis & Interpretation Data Sufficiency by Kiran Publications.
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning– Critical Reasoning Guide by CrackVerbal
– General Intelligence and Critical Reasoning for MAT by Disha Experts
Mathematical Skills– Magical Book on Quicker Maths by M.Tyra
– The Personal Guide to Quantitative Aptitude by Dinesh Khattar
Indian and Global Environment– Objective General Knowledge by Lucent Publications
– Manorama Year Book by Mammen Mathew

I hope this article has helped you in some way or the other. Study well and all the best.

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