MBA Colleges In Ahmedabad

MBA Colleges In Ahmedabad


If you are contemplating about undertaking to do an MBA course from Ahmedabad, IIM-A is the top B-School that no aspirant wants to miss a chance at admission. Although it is one of the best ranked MBA Institutes in India and Asia, getting an entry into it is a hard match. Ahmedabad, however is one of the flourishing cities of India.

There are a few fair points in favour of Ahmedabad city in terms of MBA education and career.

  • Ahmedabad has the best business-oriented environment for its MBA graduates. The state’s native entrepreneurship nature, and an edge in commerce & trade makes it a very fast growing states since 2017.
  • There are MBA colleges in Ahmedabad accepting CAT, XAT, CMAT and MAT scores as well.
  • The moderate fee structure across the city for MBA education undoubtedly boosts the career trajectory with better return on investment. 
  • Ahmedabad is constantly building opportunities in terms of employment. It employs its graduates with best packages around the globe.
  • There are better career prospects with its courses like MBA and PGDMs that absorb better understanding of the business world. This helps to acquire skilful administrative managerial positions. This bit of land is turning into a house of opportunities as the state’s GDP is under a consistent growth.
  • The range of industries in Ahmedabad offers options for all specializations of MBA.
  • Many PGDM college in Ahmedabad add  value to courses through programs to transform personalities and equip  students with the relevant confrontations to their thoughts and communicate them in front others.
  • From information technology, productions, logistics and entrepreneurship to every detailed area of business, Ahmedabad gives more options to the students as per their interest. 
  • Business acumen of this capital city of Gujarat can be ascertained from the fact that entrepreneurs from this state own thousands of successful hotels and motels, they do multi-dollar diamond export business. Entrepreneurship is encouraged here and MBA colleges work around building best entrepreneurs. 
  • Therefore, if you are considering Ahmedabad for your Management course, you have nothing to lose in this economically and socially viable state.

    Here is a list of top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad city for your exploration.

    MBA Colleges In Ahmedabad

    S.No. MBA College Name City Enquire Now Apply Now
    1 Narayana Business School Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    2 Indus University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    3 IIM Ahmedabad - Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    4 Institute of Management, Nirma University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    5 Gujarat Technological University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    6 K.S. School of Business Management Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    7 ICFAI Business School (IBS), Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    8 Ahmedabad Institute of Hospitality Management Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    9 Silver Oak University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    10 Amity Global Business School, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    11 Shanti Business School (SBS) Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    12 AIDTM - Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    13 Asia Pacific Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    14 iNurture - Swarrnim University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    15 MICA Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    16 Amrut Mody School of Management Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    17 L.J. Institute of Management Studies Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    18 BK School of Business Management Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    19 SKIPS - St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    20 L.J. Institute of Engineering and Technology (L.J.I.E.T) Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    21 GLS University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    22 Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Mangement and Research (CPIMR) Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    23 Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    24 Oakbrook Business School Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    25 Som-Lalit Education and Research Foundation (SLERF) Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    26 Ahmedabad Institute of Technology Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    27 National Stock Exchange (NSE) Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    28 N R Institute of Business Management (NRIBM) Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    29 Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    30 Rai University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    31 Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    32 Victoria University (VU-India) Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    33 Ganpat University (GUNI) Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    34 R.B Institute of Management Studies (RBIMS) Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    35 SAL Education Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    36 Sabarmati University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    37 Imarticus Learning Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    38 Aimfill International Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    39 Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    40 ILAM Ahmedabad - Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    41 Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    42 IBMR Business Schools, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    43 L J Institute of Computer Applications Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    44 GLS (Shailesh R. Parikh) Institute of Computer Technology Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    45 Shayona Institute of Business Management Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    46 MBA ESG, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    47 Monark University Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    48 Kuoni Academy, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Enquire apply
    49 K.S. School of Business Management Ahmedabad Enquire apply


    The list can be exhaustive, but there are a few factors to consider in order to evaluate a suitable MBA college for you.

    Begin with checking your eligibility in the desired MBA institute, in terms of entrance exam accepted by them and the cut-off percentage for entry. Then distinguish, among which of these MBA program aligns with your goals?

    Look at the accreditation for the MBA Program

  • Calculate the total amount of fee that will be spent during the course-time
  • Research a bit about the average salary and who are the top recruiters during the placement drives
  • Dive deep into the experiences and qualifications of the faculty of the college
  • Since the network really matters for a successful MBA and career, find out more about the alumni base and global network of its old students.
  • Last but not the least, are the infrastructure and facilities. A good ambience always leads to better learning.
  • There may be many other important things to consider like location, specialisation etc. that may influence your decision but answers to the above will surely help you come up with a plan that suits your skills, academic talents, and career goals.

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