Selling during Covid

Selling during Covid 19

Retaining sales movements during a Covid crisis has turned into a major concern for every business player, whether big or small.  An important major trend noticed during this time, even from the best salespersons and leaders, is a bias for action.

Lockdown did not just get us all stuck, but it carried many of us into new pressures and uncertainties. But freezing, of course, is not the answer and sentiment of a sales team ever.

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For selling in these uncertain times understand these success factors:

  • The buyers now need value in newer and different ways. Getting this insight will give more opportunities to connect better with the buyers.
  • The message you want to convey to your consumer should fit into the situation. Remember that the message that worked before Covid times may not be completely relevant at today‚Äôs time, so learn to adapt the message that you want to convey.
  • This is the appropriate time for every sales team to tune up the lost relationships.
  • Also, develop and update your resources to sell more and more remotely.

Covid 19 has directed the world towards a whole new ecosphere called the Virtual Environment. There is a need for a complete new skill set for selling remotely. A number of new ways have emerged to connect with buyers remotely.

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Selling entices more responsibilities in this scenario towards the company and buyer both. This includes:

  • Virtual Meetings and Presentations
  • Navigating new decisions
  • Optimization of business
  • Advising buyers through this change
  • Retention and engagement of customers

Guiding Your Sales Team during COVID

Sales teams are required to embrace this situation, struggle and reset expectations during this change. There is a need to draw a new line for success. This can be a situation of uncertainty or even a major opportunity. The selling teams must at this point have a few things in mind before they act:

  • This is a period of sweeping changes but keep these changes minimal. At this time selling can only happen if the team is motivated, encouraged, and focused. This can be achieved through increasing practical activities. Create collaborations up and down the organization and strengthen the communication system.
  • Get in touch with the best customers; know more about the changed scenario of the market. Explore more about the deals and navigate about the coming days.
  • Have a big perspective and look 2 quarters ahead.  Start making your bets to see what this disrupted supply chain brings.  Pricing changes are the most important movement, so explore what impact does it bring to your consumer.
  • A lot of sales professionals have already gone virtual. The sales leaders should work upon building such programs to ensure success for the team.
  • Do not shift focus when the numbers are hung up. Concentrate more on selling behavior and relationship-building to set base for catching up with the numbers if not for sooner than for later. The sales team should be prioritizing opportunities with maximum profitability.
  • Time must be made to celebrate the wins. Even the smaller wins can keep the salespeople motivated.  This is the time to enablement. The market changes must wave through sales strategies and travel down from content to delivery.
  • Take help of webinars and virtual calls for training sales force and make sure that participation and engagement are a vital part of these interactions. Virtual training can be accelerated for a compelling learning experience.
  • Start working on stalled deals. This is the time that sales leaders need to help their representatives maintain momentum using, insights, question strategies, and prospect meeting guides.

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The Future Is Optimistic

This pandemic prompted such patterns that are going to be permanent but the sentiments remain upbeat for most of the decision makers. The sales costs have lowered, reach has been extended and the sales are more effective with the newly found virtual sales platforms. 

While in this time when the customers demand new ways of interacting, they are likely to reward those who do it well by fixing the deals. Those who commit to further digitization into their marketing system may get a competitive advantage when they get more loyal customers from their slow moving competitors.

Therefore, this too shall pass. Successful selling is mix of good product and effective selling skills. This great storm will prepare the sales people for a greater position when things get normal. The final word is that the sales teams at this time need to keep learning more ways to enhance sales and use enablement strategies.

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