CHINA And Taiwan Conflict

China and Taiwan Conflict – Will China Capture Taiwan?

China and Taiwan has a conflicted relationship over the years. But recently an air invasion make it a talking point for the whole world. As all the world leaders know if china invades Taiwan then it can start world war three situations and every country wants to avoid it. USA and India the two superpowers of the world are complete in opposition to china and will support Taiwan in the case of war. USA president Joe Biden has openly announced ” “Yes, US Would Defend Taiwan If Unprecedented (Chinese) Attack”. On the other side, India doesn’t want to china become stronger in the south china sea especially after the Chinese claimed a port in Sri Lanka. Let us know about this in detail with all the valid points in favor and against.

No one wins at war-  china and taiwan conflict

What is the Conflict between China and Taiwan?

All of this started in the 17th century when china has full control of this island currently known as “Taiwan”. In 1895, china lost Taiwan to japan in the first Sino-Japanese war. For the next 150 years, the Japanese ruled over this island but after table turns after world war 2 when Japan lost the war and china took control over Vietnam. But things change rapidly and a civil war happened in china as result Taiwan got separated from china. But Chinese government claimed that Vietnam is an integral part of China. On the other side leaders from Taiwan consider it a sovereign state.
In 1980 the Chinese government introduced a formula called one country two nations in front of Taiwan and ensure that Taiwan will get its significant value if they accept Chinese reunification. But Taiwan doubt the intentions of china and rejected the offer. Since it was a step toward peace Taiwan leaders provide some relaxation of tourism and investment from china. All things are going smoothly but china started playing cheap tricks and announced that Taiwan is china’s territory and claimed by using force at any time.

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Why Taiwan doesn’t want to become a part of China?

  • Taiwan leaders are well aware of the tricks and politics of china. They know China will force the people of Taiwan to live according to its rules and regulation.
  • About 70% global Semiconductor and Advanced chips market belongs to Taiwan. If Taiwan becomes a part of china then its chips market will fall down. The reason is china forces companies to track user information so they can spy on them. And no country wants that china to track the information of their citizens. This influence of the Chinese government may stop other countries from buying chips from Taiwan.
  • Earlier China took control over Tibet in name of development. Once Tibet becomes part of the Chinese territory they start harassing them. So Taiwan is afraid of this behavior.
  • Freedom of Speech will completely eliminate if Taiwan chooses to be part of China. All of us know that if you are in china you have to obey the Chinese government as a puppet. If someone tries to criticize the government then they may be or will disappear suddenly.
  • Almost 90% of Taiwan’s population wants Taiwan to be an independent nation. All the leaders have to obey the decision of the citizens if they want to rule the country.

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Why did China want Taiwan?

  • First and most importantly China claimed Taiwan as part of its territory. Although China has made the same claim about Hongkong and some parts of India like Arunachal Pradesh and Leh Ladha K.
  • The Chinese government is following the policy of acquiring the small neighboring country. They followed the same tactics with Tibet, Hongkong, Srilankan Port, and now with Taiwan. Clearly, China is doing all of this with a mindset of making its empire bigger to rule Asia.
  • Taking control over Taiwan enables full access to three seas – South China sea. East China sea, the Philippine Sea to china government. It can be a great advantage for china in terms of transportation and business.
  • Chinese are always attracted to the chips and semiconductor market of Taiwan. If Taiwan becomes a part of it then the rest would have to deal with china for the chips and semiconductors. It will boost the Chinese economy especially when the whole world is facing a shortage of semiconductor chips.
  • India, you must be thinking about why we named India here. So the answer to this is quite simple China is aiming to capture the whole south Asian part and India is the biggest stone in the way. Slowly china is capturing the counties around India like capturing the port of Srilanka, Pakistan is already in debt, Nepal also facing some conflict, and now Taiwan. So acquiring Taiwan is a part of a bigger plan only.

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Role of India in China and Taiwan Conflict

The Indian government is carefully watching the whole scenario reason being this dispute has a huge impact on India. Firstly, India doesn’t want china to become a superpower in south Asia, especially after the Sri Lankan port drama. China is aiming to capture Leh and Arunachal Pradesh from India. If china lost the battle with Taiwan then it would be a great attack on the dream of acquiring southern Asia. Most mobile and smart device companies import semiconductor chips exported from Taiwan. India’s government doesn’t want to export anything to china that has the potential of privacy or data breach. India and the United States of America openly supported Taiwan and promised to help them in wartime.

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Currently, the whole world is witnessing genocide in Russia and Ukraine wars and does not want another war to happen. If this conflict goes to the battleground it may be the start of world war 3 where countries use nuclear weapons to capture other countries. Taiwan is taking a stand for independence which is completely acceptable. On the other side, the whole world is aware of the cheap tactics of china. No country in the world right now wants china to become a superpower reason being the dominant policy. In this whole situation, the rest world and the United Nations will try their best to seek out this conflict fo China and Taiwan.

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