if aliens land on earth

What if Aliens land on Earth?

Recently a picture went viral containing a UFO in it. The picture was clicked 30 years ago and claimed to be the “clearest ufo image of all time“. Many times we have heard the news about UFOs and aliens. According to many people, the USA has kept some aliens in area 51 and conducted some research on them. Since all of the rumors are spreading one question has arisen “What If Aliens land on earth?

ufo picture on earth

This is a kind of question that may seem childish at first but if one considers it deeply enough, one could sense its veracity of it. Moreover, scientists have claimed that there are multiple universes existing out there but they are not identified till now. And if there are multiple universes, there might be a possibility of life there too. The fact that we haven’t found life elsewhere yet doesn’t mean that such life does not exist.

What are Aliens?

aliens land on earth

Extraterrestrial life, sometimes casually referred to as alien life, is a life that may occur outside of Earth and which has not originated on Earth. Alien life could range from simple forms of life like bacteria to intelligent and even sage beings. We call those beings, which may live outside Earth in other galaxies or planets Aliens. If said in a basic language, Aliens are hypothetical or fictional beings living in another world.

Frankly Speaking till now the theory of the existence of aliens is just a theory. We do not have any proof of the alien’s life, many times pictures went viral on social media and other platforms. But most of them are photoshopped also USA government stated that area 51 is the training base camp for USA Army and there is no alien kept in that area. Well! It’s a debatable thing reason being some revelation made by some formal USA veterans.

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Impact of Alien’s Existence on Human

Suppose the species of aliens exist somewhere in the galaxy then what will be the impact if we started communicating with them? A few of them are mentioned below :

  • Firstly, If aliens ever reach the earth it means have superior intelligence in comparison to humans. And this will be a matter of concern for us because they can attack us in order to capture the earth.
  • It may be possible for humans to start exploiting them for personal use as we have done with animals and other species.
  • Aliens can bring new deadly viruses to our world as the many animals in past introduced to us. Covid -19 from Bat is the most recent example of that.
  • If aliens are smarter then the possibility of human exploitation can happen.
  • As all of us know it may be impossible for us to communicate with the alien reason being we don’t know about them and vice versa. There are many human tribals who exist in the world who are impossible to communicate with because no one understands their language.
  • It may be possible that we’ll destroy their peace and life by introducing them to our culture. As we have done with the tribals in past.
  • Possibilities of aliens may carry some disease to their community from humans. And it can be deadly because their body is not having the immunities to fight these viruses.
  • Chances of life on another planet will be great news for humans. As all of us are aware of the fact ” how over populations is harming the earth’s existence?”
  • They may teach us the new dimensions of life and help us in human evolutions.
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Fact about communication to Alien’s
alien enjoying on earth

Seti’s Post- detection Task Group is a small council of scientists primed to analyze interesting radio signals. It is making efforts continually to interact with the entity lived outside the earth. But till now they have not succeeded in this task. They also state that even if they somehow manage to communicate but how they will understand the language of aliens?

Dogus Vokach of METI International uses an algorithm approach for communicating with the aliens. According to his method, we can convey our messages and understand their messages by drawing analogies between social and astrophysical phenomena. but without knowing the meaning of the signal sent by aliens it’s impossible to understand their language. So even if aliens visit earth it will be challenging for us to communicate.

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What if Aliens land on Earth?

This is a very hot debated topic for so long. Earth has been broadcasting radio waves into space for more than a century now. And if there are any technological civilizations within a hundred light years that monitor the sky similar to ours, then they may already know about our existence. Though these signals might turn out dangerous as we never know what might be lurking in the Universe and that may or may not turn out to be civil. There might be dangerous unknown predators roaming in the otherworld or some who, like us, just wants to get to know about the other living beings in the universe.

If they turned out to be some lunatics who think that it is fun to attack other living beings in the Universe, it might cause us some serious problems.

We are not that backward with the technology that we’ll be unable to handle them. The Pan- STARRS observatory in Hawaii could detect reflected sunlight on any object bigger than a few hundred feet that pass within the orbit around the sun. This will be beneficial in case ETs use bigger vehicles for traveling; it could at least warn us of the big danger.

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It is our human nature to think of anything which seems unknown to us. Humans get terrified even of the unique animals discovered across the world, then think over how they would react if the Aliens turned out to be real. The world would be complete chaos just of the discovery! There is no possibility that humans would be able to stay sane after knowing that aliens will be attacking us.

There are many out there who think that exposing yourself is an invitation to be preyed upon and devoured. Most stars in our galaxy are much older than the sun and there might be civilizations millions of years older and more advanced than ours who most likely have taken significant steps to begin exploring and possibly colonizing the galaxy.

There are pros and cons of sending signals too; our world is facing numerous issues such as global warming and it is possible that far more advanced civilizations had already found the solutions and if we don’t send signals, we risk missing guidance; cons for the same have already been discussed which thus result with the end of life on Earth.

Hence there need to be steps taken and broader public discussions made before sending out signals before it gets too late.

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