Most Common MBA Interview Questions

Most Common MBA Interview Questions Asked in Personal Interview

Getting an invite to admission interview at a Business School will provoke two feelings:

  1. Thrill
  2. Anxiety.

It’s thrilling that a B-School is considering accepting your application, but feeling nervous about it, means you need to prepare more for an MBA interview is the only way to fight anxiety. Whereas most of B-School will have a different and unique style of questions, there may be few that are likely to come up whichever school you are interview at.

The vital thing that an interviewer wishes to see is that if you can give thoughtful and careful answers, so take them through your thought process while you spell out the answer. Be bold to ask them to repeat a question or to clarify a point and try not to get distracted by unanticipated questions. Give a pause, have a deep breath, and take your own time to answer.

B-School interviews are there to catch you out and trip you down, as some people may suggest. But that’s a myth. It is very much not likely that you will be asked to discuss a particular book, theory, or film unless you have cited it in your personal statement, or it is believed to be very commonly known. As stated before, the idea is to check how good you think issues through and how you can apply your knowledge to real-life perceptions.

These are some common MBA interview questions that you are most likely to be asked during a B-School admissions PI.

  1. What is your expectation from MBA? / Why have you chosen this?

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    Unavoidably, there will be a few questions about your choice of MBA and what you expect to gain at the end of it. While answering why you selected your MBA, explain your research, and express your motivations for choosing this. It may be for financial gains or choosing a great lifestyle, talk a little about that and how MBA at this B-School might benefit you when you graduate.

  2. Why do you want to study at this B-School?

    Generally, the first question you may be asked is why you want to study at this B School? Explain that you have done a depth study about this B-School and few others and that you have carefully considered your choice. Discuss your thought process and the main reasons that attract you to the B-School – whether it is the course content, the repute, the campus, the placements, or the student life.

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  3. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

    This is quite a big question; you need not reply by detailing a specific life plan. Sense about where you might like to be in terms of your career, will you be starting your own business or leading a team to incorporate. This MBA interview question, like the former ones, hunt for to confirm that you have given some thought to your future and have clear goals in mind.

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  4. What are you motivated by?This is somewhat a personal question, but one that gets to the root of what makes you impulsive. Answer this as frankly as you can, whether it is your hunger for the subject, a longing to do a specific job, or whether there are more emotional thoughts.

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  5. What are your strengths, and weaknesses?This could be asked in different ways, such as What would you say is your best quality? or how your friends and family members define you? No matter how it is formulated, the aim of this question is to understand more of you. In fact, the interviewer might ask one of a simple MBA interview questions: Tell me something about yourself?

    These types of questions are a lot the most complicated to answer because you want to be competent enough to share the positive attributes of your personality and your achievements without sounding like you are boasting. Don’t be shy to ask people around you to help you out and suggest a few good breaking points to cover.

    Think about the issues that you are good at and the things that you are not so good at and indicate how those points could be understood by someone who doesn’t know you that well.

    Remember that, while it is essential to be sincere about your flaws, you don’t want to say anything too negative, which might cause an interviewer to put a black mark on you. Try to find a positive twist on them or outline ways that you are trying to address them.

  6. How do you spend your free time?

    This is another way for the interviewer to explore more about you. He might wish to know what interests and appetites you have beyond academics and get a feeling of how well-rounded you are. It might be tempting to try to link your hobby to your MBA (and it’s great if it does), it doesn’t matter if there’s no link between the two.

    Speak up to any sports or music groups that you are part of or any particular area of literature that you are interested in, if you enjoy cooking, going to the theatre, or go to concerts. Now, this is your turn to talk about things that you love the most.

  7. What can you bring to the B-School?

    In the same way that you are using the interview as an opportunity to see whether this B-School is the right fit for you, the interviewer is seeing if you are the right fit for the B-School.

    This is quite a tricky MBA question to answer, so think about some of the things that you believe you are really good at and would like to get involved with while at B-School, discussing both the academic factors and the extracurricular ones.

    You may be a great athlete, or love putting on musical theatre productions. You might be a brilliant public orator or eager to get involved in sustainability initiatives at the B-School. These are all great things that B Schools look for in potential candidates.

  8. Do you have any questions for me?

    A B-School interviewer will be very likely to give you the opportunity to ask questions, and it is worthwhile to come ready with a few. Spend a bit of time thinking about what you really want to know about the B-School or the course. There might also be some questions that come up during the interview process, so don’t be terrified to ask questions all over or make a note of them and ask at the end of the interview. Ensure to place relevant questions only. Never ask whether you have been selected or not.

Don’t ask anything that you may get out through the B-School’s website. Or from social media channels because it will look like you haven’t done your homework. Think as an alternative of more in-depth questions, factors that you would like to know about the MBA from this B school or student life here.

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