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What Are The Career Options After MBA or PGDM?

Whether you are pursuing an MBA or PGDM or are thinking of doing it, one common question that constantly hovers in your mind is – What Next? What after MBA?

What is the career option after MBA or PGDM?

The main reason for taking up any degree or diploma course is to get better job opportunities and grow your career. So this is completely normal if you are also worried about what are the career options after MBA or PGDM.

Technical speaking, the only difference between PGDM and MBA is PGDM is a diploma course and MBA is a degree. The colleges offering MBA degree has to be affiliated to a university and business schools offering PGDM should be AICTE recognized.

But if we talk about the corporate world, there is not much of a difference between PGDM and MBA. All they want is a good candidate that will help in the growth of their company.

So doesn’t matter, if you are pursuing PGDM or MBA, your main concern or focus should be on what you are going to do after completing the course and how. One benefit that the candidates graduating from top colleges and business schools get is placement in big companies. This means your college/business school plays an important role in paving way for your future.

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In this blog, I am going to discuss some major career options that you can choose after PGDM or MBA.

What Are The Career Options After MBA?

MBA graduates should make sure that job opportunities after doing an MBA is not a difficult task. Career after MBA in India are many and it completely depends on you to choose the right job from the options available.

When considering post-MBA employment opportunities, students should make a list of options, analyze the pros and cons and select decisively.

Students may have many questions in mind regarding career after MBA, such as the scope of position, nature of work, roles and responsibilities, skills required, etc. Some students consider choosing an interesting job rather than choosing a better paying job and vice versa. It is always important to analyze whether a particular job is suitable for you or not.

Some of the career fields that you can opt after MBA are:

1. Banking And Finance:

Those of you, who are good at security and investment analysis, portfolio management, etc, banking and finance can be the field for you. MBA graduates can find work in banks, insurance companies, security companies and various financial organizations both in India and abroad.

Banks jobs are available in both public and private banks. In order to obtain employment in public sector banks, students must pass the recruitment exams taken by the respective banks. For jobs in private banks, students must participate in the bank-led selection process which includes Group Discussions, Personal Interviews, written ability test, etc.

2. Investment Banking:

Career after MBA in the investment banking sector is in high demand. If you think you are good in making an investment decision and know how to get a profitable return on investment, investment banking should be your career option. The responsibility of employees in this area is to connect investors with organizations in need of funds.

3. Management Consulting:

If you are good at problem-solving, management consulting is the best career after MBA. The responsibility of management consulting professionals is to solve organizational problems.

You will also be responsible for adopting new ideas and new problem-solving methods. Your management skills will come in handy in this job role and you can apply everything practically that you have studied while doing an MBA.

4. Entrepreneurship:

The best career option after MBA is starting your own business. One of the prime goals of many students pursuing an MBA is to become an entrepreneur. In fact, becoming an entrepreneur has become the favourite options for MBA graduates.

MBA not only enhances your business management skills but also increases your creative and innovative ideology. After completing an MBA, you can use all these ideas in your own business and become an entrepreneur.

5. Data Analyst:

With the advancement in technology and the entry of the digital world in the corporate market, the demand for data analysts has dramatically increased. Data analysts are required in all types of fields like retail, management, e-commerce, banking, IT, etc.

Several business schools also offer specialization in data analytics and this opens many doors for a career after MBA.

6. Private Equity:

Like investment banking, a person’s skills and knowledge of investment comes into play in a job profile associated with private equity. Job opportunities in this field are plentiful and some of the popular companies offering career after MBA for private equity positions are Fullerton, Fidelity Investments, Axis Securities, JP Morgan Chase, Kotak Wealth Management, Bajaj Finserv, ICIC Prudential Asset Administration, Indiabulls Housing Finances, etc.

Now let us consider the different career after PGDM.

What Are The Career Options After PGDM?

PGDM is not just a straightforward course, but it refines and rebuilds your overall personality, starting with enhancing your interpersonal efficiency to hone your hidden skills. In addition, you learn better presentation skills, face real-time business scenarios and develop a problem-solving attitude.

More or less both PGDM and MBA offer the same career option. Since there is not any major difference between the two, both diplomas and degrees qualify you for the same career after PGDM or MBA. The curriculum of both courses is almost equal. Since colleges offering MBA are affiliated to universities they have a rather rigid study pattern. But business schools offering PGDM have a flexible curriculum, suiting to the trend in the market and need of the hour.

So, MBA or PGDM, it really does not matter, the only thing that matters is your dedication and hard work. You are the one to decide what you want to choose as a career after PGDM or MBA based on your interest and specialization.

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