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CAT 2022 is scheduled to be on Sunday, November 27, 2022. Your arduous long run for the CAT exam will be over in one more day. The day before the CAT exam is a day of uneasiness and various other emotions. The time is close and you may want to snap up a lot of last-minute tips, tricks, and hacks to score well in the CAT exam. With this article, we will try to help you through quick Dos and Don’ts one night before the CAT exam.

Tick Off This Checklist

It is extremely important to stock up the necessary things that you might need to carry for the exam. Here are a few things to bring back to your mind so that you do not miss them by any chance.

  1. Admit Card(with photograph affixed) and 2 printouts of the same
  2. An ID proof e.g. College ID, Employer ID, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, or Identification Affidavit (carry one original ID)
  3. Mask, Gloves, and Sanitizer
  4. Water
  5. Work out a time to leave home in order to reach the center well before time. You must have a buffer time to counter any last-minute issues. Check the route on Google Maps once.   


You must not let the anxiety set in at any of this time. Remember that CAT is not the end, it is just the beginning. Therefore, stay motivated and calm. The preparation time is now over and this is the time to gear up. Focus on revisiting and strengthening the things you have learned so far. To emphasize on the right direction:

  1. Do not start a new topic
  2.  Practice more
  3. Take easy mock tests
  4. Work upon your errors and weak areas
  5. Brush up the fundamentals quickly by revisiting your own notes.
  6. Read CAT exam-day guide to know the dos and don’ts. E.g. some types of clothing are not allowed in the exam center and the candidate’s entry gets barred due to this.

Exam Preparation Tips For Last Day

  1. For Quantitative Aptitude, it is good to sit down and review important concepts and formulas.
  2. For Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation, check all the mock tests you took. Revise and reattempt those questions that went wrong earlier, to improve your shortcomings and see what obvious mistakes you generally make.
  3. For Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, plan a tentative time to be given to RC and the non-RC part. Practice some questions on odd-one-out and Para-Summary. Do not practice RC or Para jumbles at this time.
  4. To resolve which question to skip is an art when you want to score well in CAT. Know that trying to attempt all the questions in a limited time is not an intelligent decision and is also not the ultimate goal. The goal is to score more, so devote time to understanding when to move to the next. This is all the more important because quality and not quantity is the measure for a good score.
  5. Treat CAT like one more mock test. If you have been doing well in mocks, your confidence is already built. Remember that it is just another aptitude test that needs to be attempted with full potential.
  6. Devise an exam-day strategy as per the time slot. Figure out which topics you would attempt first, allocate extra time and keep the strategy flexible enough to accommodate changes if required during the exam day.
  7. Test your own speed by solving CAT Previous Year Papers.

General Advice for a Composed Day of Exam

  1. A good night’s sleep is vital to waking up with a fresh mind on exam day. Try to get sufficient sleep before the exam day. Do not spend sleepless nights studying too much.  It may stress you and leave you in a panic.
  2. Harp up on the thought that everyone is in the same position as you are. Being from a particular background does not give anyone an edge. You are only competing with those who are like you. A fresh graduate competes with a fresh graduate and an experienced one competes with an experienced one. Think that if some question is difficult for you, there will be many more who will find the question difficult. Focus on your preparation.
  3. You do not have to be the master of all. Concentrate on your weaknesses and strength and use them to your advantage.
  4. Stay positive and do not get nervous. Do not concentrate on the 100 things that can go wrong, instead concentrate on what makes it better. A test given with a happy mind gives more ideas and smarter thoughts for an improved attempt. 

Wrapping up Thoughts

Paying attention to the opinions of people, particularly the examinees of previous exams may hinder your thoughts and trigger stress. Instead revise important topics, and formulae shortcuts, and then spend some time relaxing and rejuvenating. Eat well and take good sleep; the hard work will pay off!

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