Last Minutes Tips for CAMT Preparation

Last Minute Preparation Tips For The CMAT 2024 Exam

Are you a CMAT aspirant? and want to know about the last-minute preparation tips for the CMAT exam. CMAT exam online registration closes on 18 April 2024, and candidates are left with only a few days. This is the time to prepare, buck up, and boost your strength. However, the NTA has not yet revealed the date of the CMAT Exam Date.
In 2023, the CMAT examination was conducted by NTA on 4 May 2023. As per the sources, this entrance exam is scheduled for 12 May this year. Now the CMAT aspirants have almost one month to prepare. Therefore, to strengthen your preparation for your CMAT examination, We have come up with some last-minute essential tips, tricks, and strategies for the preparation.

5 Last-minute CMAT 2024 Preparation Tips to Score Big


CMAT 2024 is almost here and now it’s the right time to sharpen your mind, avoid anxiety, and be positive. Check out these simple tips to boost your chances of scoring big in the upcoming CMAT exam.

1. Time Management

Time is everything when it comes to, preparation for any entrance or competitive examination. All of your preparation will be in vain if you lack good time management skills. As in the examination, you failed to do questions you know because of poor time management. Studies show that 80% of people fail to manage time properly in examinations and 55% of students think they need more time in exams.

To avoid that, you need to prepare a schedule and strategy based on your syllabus. After that, you can divide the time among the subjects that require more focus. You now have a basic idea of the topics that require focus and those that only need a quick review.

2. Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers are Very Important

Now the second important you have to do is to give more and more mock tests daily. You’ll gain confidence and a better understanding of your preparation by practising these examinations. The saying “Practice Makes Perfect” applies to your last-minute CMAT preparation as well.

Increasing the number of mock tests will improve the level of preparation. Try to spend two hours revising each section in the last week. Solving the previous year’s paper of CMAT also helped with time management for exams.

3. Focus on Accuracy and Speed

There is a saying “Topper is someone who has done the most number of right questions not the person with the most number of attempted questions”. Well in competitive examinations like CMAT, it becomes even more important as students have to deal with negative marks. To avoid the negative mark situation try to solve a maximum number of questions you are sure about. Rest then calculate in your mind if you are scoring more than CMAT’s last year’s cutoff by a good margin. If yes don’t take risks otherwise try to solve the question if you have some doubts.

Also, the CMAT Exam has 100 questions and you have only 3 hours to solve them. Try to solve the questions which are taking less time as all the questions carry the same weightage.

4. Revision is Must

One of the most important tips during your last-minute exam preparation is revision. Sometimes it’s hard to choose a fresh topic. Instead of doing that, you can just review all the topics that you have covered earlier. This will strengthen your level of preparation and help give you greater confidence. Revision gives you an idea about how much you can remember from one topic.

5 . Make a Strategic Planning of Different Sections

Following are some of the most important cmat topics that you need to cover in your last-minute exam preparation- 

General Awareness

General Awareness is a vast yet important topic to cover during your preparation. So, to finish this section you need to revise some important topics such as history, current affairs, and other similar subjects. This is time-saving so whether you remember the thing or not you’ll be able to solve the question in this section in a quick time.

Data Interpretation & Quantitative Techniques 

This section is somehow the most high-scoring section that will help you add on marks. These questions are less complicated in comparison with previous sections. To crack this section, you must practice 5 questions from each topic of different types and you are good to go. 

Logical Reasoning

The more you solve the questions related to  Reasoning, the more you get perfect. This section also requires a practice of at least one question daily. Critical Reasoning, Data Arrangement, Coding and Decoding, Blood Relations, Input/Output Analysis, and Direction Sense are some important topics covered in this section.

Language Comprehension

Practice extra for problems like Sentence Correction, synonyms, Reading Comprehension, Analogies, Sentence Completion, Fill in the Blanks, Synonyms, and Para Jumbles. Most of the questions related to this topic may seem complicated sometimes.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

This is one of the latest sections added to the syllabus of the CMAT examination. You can answer the questions in this section with some practice and a good understanding of the fundamentals.

What are the Benefits of Appearing for the CMAT Exam 2024?

  1. It is simpler for the aspirants to achieve a good score, in the CMAT examination than on the CAT. 
  2. Several top B schools in India accept CMAT scores; some are better for the new generation and baby IIMs. 
  3. Apart from the previously mentioned benefits, the CMAT cut-offs for admission are not high. So with a decent CMAT score, you can enroll in a renowned  MBA college.
  4. CMAT has a syllabus similar to other entrance examinations so students preparing for other examinations also take this exam.



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