when to began MAT Preparation

When to begin MAT preparation?

The MAT (Management Aptitude Test), takes place four times a year. It is not a tough exam to crack as compared to CATXAT, or IIFT. There is a different MAT syllabus and MAT Exam pattern, hence it is important for the aspirants to invest a good amount of time to prepare well. The exam is open to all, irrespective of the age bar. A thorough analysis of the pattern of the exam helps in carefully planning the preparation strategy. Depending upon the time available to you, one may want to set a 6-months preparation strategy or a 6-months preparation strategy.

It is necessary to understand that MAT being an all India level competitive exam, lakhs of students appear for the exam at a time, so you may need to prepare at least 3 months in advance to score well and get admission to a Top MBA College in India.

MAT 2021 Preparation should be done with consistency, and at least 2 to 3 months of continuous hard work is required for a respectable score. Here we are sharing 3 Months Strategy and 6 Months MAT Preparation Strategy for Scoring a Good MAT Score.

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Here Are Some Strategies For MAT Preparation

3 Months MAT Preparation Strategy

A constructive plan can help achieve a good MAT score. MAT syllabus is much like other MBA entrance exams making preparations possible in such a short time

  • Many students who already appeared for CAT exam and other MBA entrances may only need to brush up on their basics. For such students, a three-month preparation strategy works well.
  • The key to good preparation work is to understand important topics and types of questions. Since Indian and Global Environment (GK) section scores are not a part of the final MAT percentile, emphasis more on other four main sections. Time for Indian and Global Environment sections can be separated during the last few days before the exam.

  • MAT exam pattern is similar to other MBA entrance exams. The questions are in MCQ format.

  • Download previous year’s MAT question papers and chalk out a list of Best Books for MAT Preparation

  • During these 3 months, your objective must be to toughen your test-taking skills. Work separately on each section.

Section-wise Preparation Method

  1. Language Comprehension: For this section, have your reading speed improvised by reading more and more books, magazines, newspapers, etc. in the first month. In the second month brush up on English grammar concepts, vocabulary, synonyms/antonyms, etc.  In the third month practice as many sample question papers as possible by taking timed tests.
  2. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning: The first month can be utilized to know the basic reasoning and pattern of questions on the topics like directions, blood relations, judgment, and statements. In the next month learn tricks to solve questions in lesser time and with accuracy. Practice as many questions as possible. Focus on taking online mock tests to develop speed and accuracy in the last month.
  3. Data Analysis and Sufficiency: Charts, tables, and graphs make a major part of this section, so learn to interpret data accurately in first month. Then use next month on finding shortcuts and tricks for calculations without using a calculator. Last month is the time to use mostly revising and practicing sample questions.
  4. Mathematical Skills: In the beginning, list out the topics that you find difficult and work on them. Learn fundamentals and formulas at this time. Practice more by learning tips and tricks to solve problems and also try to speed up the calculations with accuracy. Finally, practice mock sample questions in the last month.
  5. Indian and Global Environment: This section covers General Knowledge and Current. In the last month regularly spend at least 2 hours daily reading common questions.

6 Months MAT Preparation Strategy

MAT preparation should ideally begin six months prior if you are targeting the Top MBA Colleges in India.

  • For MAT Exam, the syllabus is prepared by AIMA. Look at the syllabus and find out your weak topics from every section. Begin your preparation with special attention to these sections assign at least two months to cover and practice all these topics that you find difficult. Make handy notes for revision later.

  • After covering the syllabus topic-wise, the next phase consists of practicing MAT mock tests and sample papers. It is easy to find mock test series online for MAT. This practice is necessary to develop speed and accuracy. Speed and accuracy both are the keys to a good performance in a time-bound test like MAT. Practice more to be able to complete the test within time to score well. Mock Tests let you be familiar with types and patterns of questions.

  • Last 30 days must be set aside for a detailed revision of all the topics of the syllabus. Polish up through the notes you prepared. Dedicate time to look at the previous years’ question papers and mark the topics that are important in terms of questions asked. Also, act on frequent mistakes you make.

  • For Language Comprehension, reading habit is important so try to make it a point to read at least for 2 hours every day. For Data Analysis & Sufficiency improve by watching video tutorials for methods and shortcuts. Learn formulae and theorems to perform well in Mathematical Skills and solve questions quickly. The Indian and Global Environment can be attempted well with the help of a yearbook for general awareness and current affairs along with some readings on economics, politics, telecom industry, etc.

Hence the key of when to begin your MAT Preparation here is that, for a successful attempt at the MAT exam, it is must important to take sufficient time to practice as many mock tests and previous years’ papers. Secondly, spare the last part of the preparation time for ‘The Indian and Global Environment’ section as this is an exhaustive topic.  

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