strategies to prepare for cat in 16 days

16 Days for CAT 2021 Exam

The importance of CAT can be easily acknowledged through the number of applicants who register every year. Candidates preparing for CAT must note that it is never too late to start preparing for CAT although it is advisable that candidates should start their preparation 4-5 months prior to the exam, the question is how to prepare for CAT in 16 days and what are the strategies to get a better score? Honestly, it requires hard work, determination, and dedication to put your mind in order to achieve 100 percent results.

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Basic strategies to get a better score in CAT

1. Make a Schedule

Time management and hard work are the key strategies that lead to success in IIM entrance Exam. As per the CAT exam blueprint, candidates will have to face a sectional time limit in which three sections each with a 60 minutes limit will be there. Try to make a timetable that allows you to study each section 3 hours a day on a daily basis. This way only 9 hours out of 24 are used. In the remaining time i.e., 24-9 = 15 hours, you can do what extra you want.

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2. Do Not Start a New Topic

With CAT exam it is better to be a master of some than being a jack of all. As there are just 16 days left the candidate needs to take some time out to get a printout of the CAT syllabus and then note down the familiar points. Revising and focusing on previously known topics is key to success now.

3. Maintain Speed and Accuracy Through Revision

Note that CAT is never about attempting all questions; instead, it is about getting one more right than your other fellow test-takers. Maintaining momentum and accuracy both are equally important while giving the CAT exam.

4. Increase Attempts of Mock Tests

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice” – Anton Chekhov

CAT Mock Tests help you analyze your relative performance across a variety of different kinds of papers. After each test is taken, analyze your performance and ensure the balance between both the strongest and weakest sections. Perseverance, focus, and practice are the pillars on which a person achieves something in life so keep on working and don’t ignore your mental peace and stability too.

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The countdown has begun, 16 days to go!

Best of luck!

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